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Friday, January 18, 2013


today. in year 2013

i'm still the gurl who step forward to a new page in new dairy.

be here 22years. feel so mature and start learn to be a women.
however, the norms of being in the customs when adults speak,i must listen
with no words no arguments and pretend to listen.


how i wanna know the things i curious.?
how i wanna tell what actually inside in my heart?
how i going to prove to all of you i can be the best with my independent feet.?

i'm just asking, i'm just curious. i'm growing. i'm not a baby anymore. i had my own idea and i want to be free to move too.

but if i tell all this what i get just :- 
-  LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN...let me speak..but u not allow me to share my opinion,my taught n hear what i wanna do...
 keep saying " u must respect and follow what adults tell u"... i dont like to be  like that. i'm just need direction to  the right path.and let  me walk through with my own experience.

please let youths try colours the painting by themselves. its our  owned creativity...just teach n motivate us how to respect others in a good way...

-a touching session..- MOOD DOWN!