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Monday, January 24, 2011

New life here

I have a new life in melaka.I meet new friends, new lecturers, new culture and of course I found my new spirit.
first of all, i have been through the first week here with a lots of memories. i volunteer myself to be the class rep. i think this my new life so i want to paint it with beautiful colors.my classmates mostly from Arau so i do not have so much problem with them. how ever the others are very kind and easy to cooperate. the first class just with 22 person only, suddenly the second and next2 class my class full tank with 47 people.oh no,fortunately my KP open the third class and now i only have 34 with me.

my lecturers here so kind. sir harun who likes to share stories taught me IT, sir malek with interesting speech about law, pn. mastura with cute face explain economics, pn hamiza always give motivation and our dear sir shazali with lecturer in accounting.

now, roommates. i stay here with sis zera, sis dani, sis mira, sis biha, sis annajwa, baby tiqa, tourism huda,adeq mira, and myra. we all really close...

my friends..of course myra.and i meet three friends lebah, ahmad syahmi, mior,the others like izzat,big bro arif,zharif who like to disturb Tasik that friend with Rafidah. from sabah, afif and kak bie, hyperactive is eili, together with her raja. the other raja is raja amir and his friend ikhmal, my first msj with my classmate was to ainol...hehe his birthday actually.sham will always with him.girls- iena, nissa,syeqah. yuyun who always together with ella. shaz and sarah.from dungun, intan and hidayah.cousin with lebah is liyana. the new comers are nadia and upik.my old classmates pijat, along, basit,mirulhakeem,husien bolt.last but not least, hafiz.hehe he so shy but cute...hehe.he try to talk with me but something goes wrong later...however it actually just the ice breaking...right?now we all in peace just stay in BM2261A.

i hope with my new life with new place at KBM will make me more success and matured.


syahmi_rotu said...

gud luck n have ur good life at there....hehhehe

Anonymous said...

thanx syahmi