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Thursday, February 3, 2011

fast track from diploma to degree - melaka

a lot of memories

when i was child ,i dream to have better life for my family...my mom always advice me to struggle and study hard in my studies. be respectful to old people, love the younger. after i finished my secondary school at smk(p) st.george/ sggs, i went to uitm perlis for my diploma in business studies...fortunately i have good result and then i transfer for degree in international business to uitm kampus bandaraya...

what are the advantages doing fast track???

1. believe yourself that u always have good luck to gain better life, catch the opportunity leave the community:that stop u to be more successful

2. nowadays everyone moves and keep moving.technology non-stop.opportunity to get the job become decreases day by day.so if u take it,unless u will have ur degree faster.

3.yea diploma is important too, but in 5 years forward?how is it?maybe diploma could be standard like spm while degree just like the diploma only.

4. if u take it, u will save ur time in studies, u can build ur carier, dream house, dream family or go for vacation earlier than before.

5. however, love the course, love the universities, love what you do, you will comfortable with ur new life...

impacts, many deans list are from fast track students last semester. so what u waiting for...

" don't think too much u will fail in the middle of the year, just keep it up and study smart...enjoy life...meet new friends and get involves with the society..."

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