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Sunday, February 20, 2011

the sun rose up,
the birds singing happily,
looking to the eyes
the smile faces,
he hold them tight,
put into his shoulder and kiss them,

i feel envy to them,
even my mom,my nanny always do that but it feels different.

he loves me, but he does not show it,
he miss me, but he does not come to me,

i feel envy to others,
they always hang out with that guys.
he bought them goods,clothes, and brought them to vacation together,
i'm feel meaningless

i feel envy to others,
he does not shout,angry and tease them
but me?
he do something that makes me wondering whether he love me?
whether i am meaningful to him or not,
whether i is THE GIFT from HIM to him or not...

its ok...i'll waiting for that time he come and says
: "yes,i love u my dear"

i really feel envy to others

dad, i hope u will find me as ur daughter not ur ..........."*"

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