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Saturday, October 9, 2010

is all about loving you

when we are set to meet in one day
my whole world just for you
when we get into the couple relationship
I think i am the most lucky person in the world
all steps we move together
all things we done together
all the memories are flying around me all the times
besides, all the gift you give me
always make me smile
and give me a spirit


it just a little moment
when you had change a lot
until i cannot recognize who are you
you are shouting at me just for a little mistake,
you slap me in front of the people
you just dumped me

i do not know what the hell is going now
i just want you back
yourself who are loving me so much
who are care about me
and who are the one said :-
"our heart are always intertwined together"
i hope you realize what you had done
and i could accept what happen
"all about loving you"

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